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Acrylic Advertising Engraving Machine

Acrylic Advertising Engraving Machine Introduction

Acrylic advertising engraving machine, as the name implies, is applied to advertising engraving machine, and the advertising industry also has a large engraving machine, small engraving machine, carving machine is generally refers to 6090 or 1212, carving machine, mainly used for double color plate lettering, or sign logo and other small wide materials processing, and large carving machine was specifically 1325 types of engraving machine,That is the most common model on the market, this is mainly because the plate on the market are 1 m 22 x 2 m 44 size, and it is mainly used for PVC cutting, billboard production, light box, mini words and luminous words production.

Acrylic Advertising Engraving Machine Advantage

Acrylic engraving machine is a high-tech automatic computer engraving equipment that can engraving characters on two-color board, PVC and Chevy board.

Can quickly engrave plexiglass, relief, lettering, cutting and pattern line engraving;

The pursuit of automation makes the machine conform to this trend.

Advertisement engraving machine can also engraving words, painting and abstract patterns on density board and solid board to meet the needs of personalized home decoration and tooling art design. It is a high-end engraving and processing equipment for advertising companies, decoration companies and handicraft industries.

Acrylic Advertising Engraving Machine performance characteristics:

1, can be paused at any time, increase or decrease the speed, adjust the depth, and can preview the engraving path of the plane and stereo map;

Stepless speed regulation is convenient for carving different materials, Engravingfor different industries.

2. Convenient treatment of broken knife, any point engraving, no need to re-typesetting, or back to the origin to re-engraving, easy to operate, easy to master, support Wendai, Type3, fine engraving, and other typesetting soft parts, in a leading position in the industry.

Compatible with Type3 / Artcam/JDPaint/ ProE /UG/ Vintage and other CAD/CAM software.engraving machine uses drawing software: Wentai engraving, Type3, fine engraving software, Mastercam mold software, CAD, Pro/E, Corel, etc

3. It has the function of break point and continuous engraving after power failure;

Has the function of correcting the wrong code file in time;

Back to the origin of automatic error correction function.

4, The whole machine adopts integral casting structure, strong rigidity, no deformation, imported double nut anti-backlash screw, guide rail, to ensure high speed and high precision.

5. Adopts high-precision automatic backlash elimination ball screw imported from Taiwan, with imported coupling to improve accuracy.

6, Optimized body design, using linear guide rail (round or square), long service life.

7, Adopt high speed water cooling frequency conversion motor, power distance, strong cutting, low noise, high frequency, long life, can work continuously for a long time, strong adaptability, high precision.

Acrylic Advertising Engraving Machine Application

Plexiglas, PVC board, ABS board, KT board, wood, gem, marble, aluminum-plastic board, iron, copper, aluminum, plastic all kinds of signs production, and other materials for surface processing, cutting.


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