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Mini Advertising Word Engraving Machine

Mini Advertising Word Engraving Machine Advantage

1, the use of industrial heavy load seamless welding structure design, and welding structure inverse deformation of the finite element method calculation, and through the fuselage heat treatment, to ensure its strength and rigidity

2, the use of fixed column frame gantry, table moving transmission mode, stable equipment, small vibration

3, the configuration of multi-touch ground adjustable leg, convenient adjustment of machine balance degree

4, Equipped with Taiwan TBI high-precision linear square guide rail, and high-precision ball screw, higher precision

5, Adopt digital AC brushless servo, bigger transmission power, faster speed

6, Equip with high frequency, high power automatic tool change spindle, low noise, large torque, low runout rate, high cutting efficiency, high brightness

7, standard matrix vacuum adsorption platform, large bearing capacity, strong adsorption capacity

8, Independent control cabinet, strong and weak electricity separation, more convenient maintenance

Mini Advertising Word Engraving Machine Application

Mini word processing, hypotenuse word processing, acrylic luminous words, advertising words, logo production processing.

Other applicable industries: building models, plastic and solid wood models, 3D curved surface processing of Musical Instruments, also applicable to copper, aluminum, iron plate carving and aluminum products industry cutting processing.

Applicable materials: acrylic, copper, aluminum, non-metallic materials.

Mini Advertising Word Engraving Machine Specification:

The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order. 


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