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Advertising Engraving Machine

Advertising Engraving Machine Introduction:

Match pair of nuts ball lead screw drive, speed is quick , accuracy is high , wear rate is low, may keep accuracy nothing change many years.

● Have the breaking point memory function , may swear to cut off a knife in accident, the go on blackout and being in progress piece to treating under condition the previous day processes.

● Many unique workpiece treating plain setting up function. May define the plain 10 processing workpiece at the same time makes many common component treating more convenient rapid. Only the plain counts much bearing fixer system, but a plain is defined according to the form processing a document in any location processing a piece.

● The frame body adopt overall cast-on outwell. That gate for becoming a dragon style moves , longtime usage sturdy and durable does not become deformed, makes allocation accuracy especially accurate.

● The high-power chief axis electric motor makes sculpture accuracy there be no a sawtooth , the neat glossy basal plane outline is limpid, cutting 2 centimetres of organic glass are also free and relaxed. Owe a model the height carving accuracy, may carve 0.8 mm character style big or small under 3 m/min motion circumstances, and carving is fine and smooth.

Advertising Engraving Machine Application

Advertisement: engraving and cutting of various labels and number plate, marble, etc for artistic effects on materials including marble, brass, steel, and other metallic material.

Crafts: engraving characters of any language and patterns on gifts and souvenirs, primitive processing and shaping of artistic crafts, and stiletto.

Moulding: engraving delicate letter and flower pattern, primitive and fine processing of the small mould.

Architectural models: engraving fine window, fencing and wall patterns, etc.

Seal: engraving seals and medal on materials such as buffalo horn, wood etc.

Label: engraving character, number, and other pattern on label for products and on product directly.

Wood processing: processing density board, stiletto for surfing board, processing of marbles, cabinet and furniture

Advertising Engraving Machine Specification:


The above specifications are only for reference and subject to change without prior notice, please confirm with our sales representative when making order. 

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